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Monday, 14 May 2012

Test your self esteem

Self esteem is what you think about yourself. How much do you value yourself. We all have a self image in our minds. This self image can be negative or positive.

Tom thinks he is not good looking even though his friends think he is good looking but Tom has a negative self image which leads to low self esteem.

Mark thinks other students are better in studies than him. Mark does not believe in himself . His self esteem is negative.

John is not good looking but he has accepted himself the way he is. He never thinks why is he not good looking, he is happy the way he is. He believes in himself and is confident. John has a high self esteem and he is more likely to be successful in life.

Having a positive self esteem is important in life.

Here is a small tool which I have made it will help you  to test your self esteem.
Download and run the tool. It will ask you 10 questions based on your answers it will evaluate your score.
If you score 8 to 10 points then it means you have a high self esteem.
5 to 7 points would mean moderate self esteem.
and below 5 points would mean low self esteem.

Download from here:


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