Friday, 18 May 2012

Everyone has the right to think

Many people get concerned about what others might think when they will do a particular thing. People with low self esteem or people who think about themselves in a negative way always interpret or give more emphasis to what others think about them rather than what they think about themselves that's why people with low self esteem avoid facing other people.
The bottom line is that you cannot control the way others think. Even if you say something which is correct there will be people who will agree with you and there will be people who will oppose you. Everyone is born with the right to think, they can think what ever they want so why do you get concerned about something over which you do not have any control. You cannot control the way others think. You will never really be able to know what others think and what they might have hidden inside their minds. The only thing that you can control is the way you think. Like others you also have the right to think. You can think of anything but you need to think positive because if you will think positive then it doesn't matter what others think. People think about you the way you think about yourself so you only need to change your thinking. They have the right to think they can go ahead and think of anything. 
If you think what you are doing is right then go ahead and do it without worrying what others might think.


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