Saturday, 2 June 2012

If God created multiple religion than God is bad

If God created multiple religions than it would be logical to say that God is bad because of so many conflicts in beliefs of different religions because of which humans remain divided. Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the major religions.You would say that religion was created by man but religious people believe that their religions was created under the will and command of God. Jews and Muslims deny Jesus as the son of God. They deny Jesus did for our sins. Jews do not believe Muhammad was a prophet. Hindus believe in idol worship Muslims do not. Conflicts between Hindus and Muslims is not hidden from anyone. There are many such conflicts in the beliefs of these religions. There have been many religious wars taken place in the past leading to death of millions of people. For example: Over a million people died in war between Christians and Muslims in order to recapture Jerusalem. So did God wanted to divide the people on the basis of religion if these religions were created under God's will. If God is perfect as all the religious sculptures suggest than didn't God knew the repercussions of creating multiple religions? How is that possible if God is perfect ? Every religious person thinks that his religion is true. So if God was responsible for creation of multiple religion then it can be said that it was the worst thing to be done to humanity.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Open society and religion

Religion has always been a threat to open society because in an open society people have to think beyond their religion. Many times people living in an open society will have to break their religious rules, they will have to keep aside their religious beliefs and think beyond their religion. Liberal and open minded people are able to do it but orthodox and religious fanatic people do not accept this and they start threatening or start using violent means and they make it a case of hurting their religious sentiments. All this creates a hole in an open society and it all depends on the government how it handles such a situation, if the government is liberal and strong then it would never bow down to such hyper sensitive religious fanatic people. If the government bows down to such people then it will further strengthen these people and they will do it again and again. Liberal and open minded people would be afraid to raise their voice and express their views and religious fanaticism and intolerance will increase. An example of such an incident took place in India when Salman Rushdie released a book named 'the satanic verses'. Muslim were angered by this and they started putting pressure on the government to ban the book. Fatwas was announced against Salman Rushdie. The government in India was not strong enough. These is a religious vote bank politics in India. The government wanted to keep the Muslims happy and keep the Muslim vote bank intact. The book was banned and Salman Rushdie had to fled to England where he is living today.
 Almost all Islamic countries are not open societies. If anyone in those countries say anything which is against their religion then either he will be punished under blasphemy law (if that country has blasphemy law) or he would be attacked, killed or threatened by religious extremists and that person would either have to leave that country or live in fear. An example of such and incident was when a 19 year old Muslim girl was stoned to death after taking part in beauty contest in Ukraine.
 Another Example:
 There is blasphemy law in Pakistan which prohibits blasphemy against Islam. Anyone knowingly or unknowingly doing or saying anything which is against Islam would be prosecuted. The punishment ranges from a fine to death.
In November 2010, Asia Bibi was sentenced to death by hanging on a charge of blasphemy.
Pakistani Punjab Governor Salman Taseer opposed blasphemy law he supported Asia Bibi. He was against blasphemy law which the Muslims didn't like. In 2011 Salman Taseer was shot dead by his security guard named Mumtaz Qadri  for supporting Asia Bibi and opposing blasphemy law. But what's worse was that Mumtaz Qadri the murderer was supported by the Muslim people. Thousands of people gathered and showered flowers at him. People applauded killing of Salman Taseer which was a case of sick religious fanaticism and murder of open society.

Open Society and conflict in views

An open society is one in with people are free to discuss anything, put their views forward whether anyone likes it or not. People have freedom of speech, freedom of writing, freedom for artists to carry out their work etc. Because of this freedom there will be conflicts in views among the people. If a person says something or expresses his views then there will be people who will oppose him and there will be people who will support him.
It is impossible to create an open society where there will be no conflict in views because its the basic human nature every person thinks differently and everyone has their own views and opinions.
An open society can only function well if there is no partiality and everyone is equal, everyone is allowed to express their views even if that person is wrong.

If an individual or group of people do not like others point of view and rather than discussing if they start to threaten or start using violent means then that would be a danger to open society and such people will have to be strictly dealt with.

For example: If an artist makes a painting and certain religious community does not like that painting and if they start using violent means then such people would have to be sued.
The artist has the freedom of carrying out his work and the people have the right to oppose and they can have a healthy discussion rather than using violent means.

 A perfect open society is very difficult to achieve. It depends on the people and how strong the government is. For example: A writer releases a book and if certain section of the society or community don't like that book then they have the freedom to criticize. Now if that section of the society or community start using violent means and start to put pressure on the government to ban the book and if the government bows down to such people then it will be the murder of open society.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Everyone has the right to think

Many people get concerned about what others might think when they will do a particular thing. People with low self esteem or people who think about themselves in a negative way always interpret or give more emphasis to what others think about them rather than what they think about themselves that's why people with low self esteem avoid facing other people.
The bottom line is that you cannot control the way others think. Even if you say something which is correct there will be people who will agree with you and there will be people who will oppose you. Everyone is born with the right to think, they can think what ever they want so why do you get concerned about something over which you do not have any control. You cannot control the way others think. You will never really be able to know what others think and what they might have hidden inside their minds. The only thing that you can control is the way you think. Like others you also have the right to think. You can think of anything but you need to think positive because if you will think positive then it doesn't matter what others think. People think about you the way you think about yourself so you only need to change your thinking. They have the right to think they can go ahead and think of anything. 
If you think what you are doing is right then go ahead and do it without worrying what others might think.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

People Look at you the way you look at yourself

I will just tell you a small story which I made myself and it will be enough for you to understand the meaning of the statement "people look at you the way you look at yourself" or "people think about you the way you think about yourself".

Tom a college student wakes up in the morning to get ready for college. Tom had a hair cut the previous day which he didn't like and when he steps in front of the mirror and looks at his face he gets concerned. He creates a self image in his mind that he is looking bad and his hair cut was a blunder. He enters his college campus. Tom had to walk up to his class room, he was feeling very uncomfortable. A thought was creeping up into his mind that other students must be looking and making fun of him. Now Tom sees a group of students smiling and he starts to think that they are laughing at him but actually those students were just talking with each other and smiling. Tom reaches his classroom and sits down. The negative self image which he had created was coming back in his mind again and again he was feeling as if the whole class is watching him but in reality they all were busy with their own work. So students were looking at Tom the way Tom was thinking about himself.

Some people have self esteem problem they think about themselves negatively, they avoid facing people and try to remain alone and because they think about themselves negatively so they interpret that when they will come in front of others then those people will think about them the same way as they think about themselves. So such people are shy to talk to people and are not able put forward their views. They create their comfort zone, the comfort zone can be a room where they can sit in front of a computer to avoid facing people, comfort zone can be showing others that you are busy with your mobile phone to avoid facing people.
So what you think about your self is more important. Always be positive.


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