Monday, 14 May 2012

Keep the spark shining

Keeping the spark shining.
So where do these spark stark ?
I think everyone is born with them..
For example when you see small kids they seem to be full of spark even the simplest of things make them thrilled and happy.
When you see students you still see some spark but when you see older people the spark is difficult to find.
So as we grow older the spark tends to fade which may be a result of additional responsibilities, family pressure, personal problems etc.
People whose spark fades too much seem to be dull, dejected, aimless and bitter.
No doubt difficult times will come in everyone's life. There will be disappointments or even failures but the trick is to face these challenges and not let the spark fade.
Lets take the example of Lance Armstrong. When he was suffering form cancer surely it would have been the worst moment of his life but still his spark didn't fade he had the belief that he would be fine and would make a comeback. No one believed that it would be possible for him to return to cycling but eventually he proved everyone wrong. It was the spark which helped him to defeat cancer and make a comeback.
Now there are a lot of rich businessmen, sport stars in this world and they have so much money that they can sit at home and live like kings without working hard  but still what makes them come to work every day and work hard ? It is the spark. Their spark never fades away they love their work.
So keeping the spark shining is the way to live your life.


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