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Saturday, 2 June 2012

If God created multiple religion than God is bad

If God created multiple religions than it would be logical to say that God is bad because of so many conflicts in beliefs of different religions because of which humans remain divided. Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the major religions.You would say that religion was created by man but religious people believe that their religions was created under the will and command of God. Jews and Muslims deny Jesus as the son of God. They deny Jesus did for our sins. Jews do not believe Muhammad was a prophet. Hindus believe in idol worship Muslims do not. Conflicts between Hindus and Muslims is not hidden from anyone. There are many such conflicts in the beliefs of these religions. There have been many religious wars taken place in the past leading to death of millions of people. For example: Over a million people died in war between Christians and Muslims in order to recapture Jerusalem. So did God wanted to divide the people on the basis of religion if these religions were created under God's will. If God is perfect as all the religious sculptures suggest than didn't God knew the repercussions of creating multiple religions? How is that possible if God is perfect ? Every religious person thinks that his religion is true. So if God was responsible for creation of multiple religion then it can be said that it was the worst thing to be done to humanity.


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