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Friday, 25 May 2012

Open Society and conflict in views

An open society is one in with people are free to discuss anything, put their views forward whether anyone likes it or not. People have freedom of speech, freedom of writing, freedom for artists to carry out their work etc. Because of this freedom there will be conflicts in views among the people. If a person says something or expresses his views then there will be people who will oppose him and there will be people who will support him.
It is impossible to create an open society where there will be no conflict in views because its the basic human nature every person thinks differently and everyone has their own views and opinions.
An open society can only function well if there is no partiality and everyone is equal, everyone is allowed to express their views even if that person is wrong.

If an individual or group of people do not like others point of view and rather than discussing if they start to threaten or start using violent means then that would be a danger to open society and such people will have to be strictly dealt with.

For example: If an artist makes a painting and certain religious community does not like that painting and if they start using violent means then such people would have to be sued.
The artist has the freedom of carrying out his work and the people have the right to oppose and they can have a healthy discussion rather than using violent means.

 A perfect open society is very difficult to achieve. It depends on the people and how strong the government is. For example: A writer releases a book and if certain section of the society or community don't like that book then they have the freedom to criticize. Now if that section of the society or community start using violent means and start to put pressure on the government to ban the book and if the government bows down to such people then it will be the murder of open society.


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