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Thursday, 17 May 2012

People Look at you the way you look at yourself

I will just tell you a small story which I made myself and it will be enough for you to understand the meaning of the statement "people look at you the way you look at yourself" or "people think about you the way you think about yourself".

Tom a college student wakes up in the morning to get ready for college. Tom had a hair cut the previous day which he didn't like and when he steps in front of the mirror and looks at his face he gets concerned. He creates a self image in his mind that he is looking bad and his hair cut was a blunder. He enters his college campus. Tom had to walk up to his class room, he was feeling very uncomfortable. A thought was creeping up into his mind that other students must be looking and making fun of him. Now Tom sees a group of students smiling and he starts to think that they are laughing at him but actually those students were just talking with each other and smiling. Tom reaches his classroom and sits down. The negative self image which he had created was coming back in his mind again and again he was feeling as if the whole class is watching him but in reality they all were busy with their own work. So students were looking at Tom the way Tom was thinking about himself.

Some people have self esteem problem they think about themselves negatively, they avoid facing people and try to remain alone and because they think about themselves negatively so they interpret that when they will come in front of others then those people will think about them the same way as they think about themselves. So such people are shy to talk to people and are not able put forward their views. They create their comfort zone, the comfort zone can be a room where they can sit in front of a computer to avoid facing people, comfort zone can be showing others that you are busy with your mobile phone to avoid facing people.
So what you think about your self is more important. Always be positive.


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